About Us

"What IS Rim Country Writers?" you ask. 
The answer to that is simple. We are a community-based group of novelists, essayists, journalists, bloggers, poets, and freelance writers who meet twice a month to offer support, encouragement, and editing suggestions on our WIPs (works in progress). Our meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday afternoons of each month, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., in the private dining room at the Majestic Rim Senior Apartments facility of the Good Samaritan Society, 310 E Tyler Parkway in Payson, Arizona.

You have more questions, I can see. "Will I fit in?" "Are there dues?" "Do I need an MFA to attend?" "Am I welcome to drop in and check you out?"

The answers are: Probably, No, No, and Most Assuredly. If you like to write (in any form or genre), need encouragement and helpful critiques, and want to hang out with some really great folks, Rim Country Writers is probably the right place for you. We don't have dues. We don't have a charter or heavily structured organization, and we aren't snooty. Well, maybe I am, but I disguise it well. Just kidding! We like people and we like to write in all sorts of forms and genres, including poetry, essays, journalism, travel writing, memoirs, novels, and how-to books. Please do check us out!

Further questions? Contact us: rimcountrywriters@gmail.com.