Friday, February 10, 2012


We're going to have an awesome meeting on Feb 23, hopefully just as fine as the one we had yesterday. Larry will bring the memoir of a family member, and we will get to see what has been done so far to edit and get it ready for printing. We can give him our insights as to what more needs to be done.

Yesterday, we each wrote to a prompt. Since the assignment was to write a letter of resignation, Marsha took the time to write an actual one she will present, while Larry and John's efforts were more in the realm of "just pretend." I think! Ted went into the other room to see if we could get a bit less music filtering into our portion of the building.

Afterward, we read our work: a scene from a novel, an autobiographical essay, a chapter from a personal memoir, and a poem inspired by a recent journey.

We welcome all writers to join us in two weeks. Larry will have the floor for a lesson on editing memoirs.