Thursday, September 22, 2011

22 September 2011 - Some new faces!

Though we miss some of our old regulars who've been avoiding us in favor of undoubtedly unwholesome pursuits, we were pleasantly surprised to have three new faces at today's meet!

Husband and wife team, Leon and Sue Chamberlain, and Mr. John Herrera all brought an infusion of fresh ideas and talents.  Their love of poetry is bringing a new angle to our meetings, and we were treated to 4 or 5 poetry readings.

Ted, aspiring memoirist (is that a word?) was present, and so was the indomitable Chaya Schonberger.  As for Elizabeth Marsh (me), aspiring writer of sci-fi, short stories, various non-fiction, and blogger extraordinaire... I was present mostly in theory.  Our illustrious benevolent dictator, Marsha Ward, led us through introductions and readings with her usual unshakable grace.  (And we do try to shake her, at least twice in a meeting.)

Aside from loosening everyone up with my tales of fish-killing, Marsha once again got us re-motivated by sharing proof of her success.
I love it when she does this.  This is why I come to these meetings.  Every two weeks I get re-inspired to keep plugging away at the craft because Marsha shows us the numbers.  She has successfully written at least 3 novels and several short stories, and has them e-published via Smashwords and Amazon.  Gazing over her printouts of units sold and monthly income earned makes me want to run home and jump on that keyboard.  And what's more, she insists putting one's work on Amazon is much easier than patting your head and rubbing your belly.  (Which is good because I have zero coordination and can barely walk to the door without tripping.)
All of us writers have that innate desire to create something at least one person will read and enjoy.  That's what keeps us going.  Marsha's success is our success.  We are living vicariously through her until our own works are published and recognized.
Instead of treating us to a section of her work-in-progress today, Marsha brought in an article by Dean Wesley Smith entitled "Killing Sacred Cows In Publishing:  Speed".  It was great information and further rounded out my general knowledge in the writing field.  Now I won't feel so bad if I crank out some work quickly.
Thanks again, Marsha!  I would have given up long ago if it weren't for these meetings with like-minded people!

Newbie John Herrera read the highly amusing poems "Running Money" and an ode to his brother with perfect rhyming techniques.  Leon read a poem lamenting the unbearable Arizona heat, and Sue shared two poignant untitled poems.

Chaya brought the first three pages of her newest WIP, a short story promising tension and hilarity between two women friends on vacation.

The wide range of interests and talents keeps us all engaged at the Rim Country Writer's meetings.  Westerns, sci-fi, romance... the genre doesn't matter.  People and enthusiasm do.
Never gone to a writer's group meeting before?  Give it a try!  We'd love to have you.  next meeting is 13 October 2011 in the backroom at Scoops, high noon.  If for no other reason, a meeting here is the perfect excuse to have an ice cream treat.

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